through my work I strive to convey a kind of meaningful chaos, 
a place where meticulousness meets free and uninhibited expression

I am drawn to organic matter and processes,
yet I like structure and boundaries (sometimes fleeting or illusory)

for years I've been drawn to the concept of liminality,
a state that is ambiguous and somewhat hidden;
whereas with subliminal things are unconscious,
liminal is barely perceptible, a state of being in-between or at a threshold;
sometimes boundaries between worlds are well defined,
but liminal suggests a spaciousness of between, often hazy or fuzzy,
like the transition from dreaming to wakefulness or dark to light;
a place of knowing but not knowing why

I seek to enter / depart / describe this transitional space through landscapes near and far

having grown up in the Pacific Northwest I feel deeply rooted and grounded in our landscape;
yet my inherent restlessness compels me to travel, literally and figuratively; 
in the sense of having been, for as long as I can remember, trying to stay in and wanting to leave, a place or condition or process, I experience the liminal

rev. 2018


Kate Petty (née Fluckinger) was born in Seattle - where she currently resides. Her first friends were the tall Douglas firs in her backyard. 
Her favorite work outside painting is as a volunteer providing confidential emotional support to women living in prison.
If you would like to support her expanding this prison project, please, be in touch!